Professional Experience

Digital Product Design na Ânimo Wellness

jan 2021 – presente

Atuo como designer de produto no aplicativo da Ânimo. Realizo testes e entrevistas com usuários, crio telas, faço jornadas do usuário, conduzo design sprints, desenvolvo a landing page da empresa e trabalho no rebranding da marca da Ânimo.

UX Design Lead na IPNET Growth Partner 

out 2020 – dez 2020

I worked as UX Design Lead liderando o capítulo de Design Ops da Ipnet, onde atei diretamente com os designers de produto da empresa. Também trabalhei no redesign organizacional da empresa, participei do desenvolvimento do seu planejamento estratégico e como Product Manager do squad responsável pelo desenvolvimento das funcionalidades do GeoPortal da Ipnet.

Digital Product Design Specialist on IPNET Growth Partner 

ago 2020 – out 2020

I worked as Designer of Digital Productcreating prototipes and screens. I also participed as PM of the squad responsible for the development of Ipnet's GeoPortal functionalities, designing and managing the development of the product's functionalities and attending Wilson Sons.

Founding Partner at Hitsy - D&E

jan 2012 – now

I founded Hitsy Design & Strategy alongside the designer Marcela Abbade to generate impact for the Creative Economy through the strengthening of small and medium companies in the sector. In our portfolio of clients, there are companies in the fashion, music, behavior, and more segments. We develop branding, visual communication, design thinking, services and digital projects (UX / UI)in addition to providing consultancy services on digital transformation. Since 2013 the company operates in the agile model.

Since it was created, I have worked in executive, commercial, marketing, and growth management, management and development of branding, design, digital strategy, and UX projects, in addition to content creation and facilitation, ahead of the company's training segment.

Since 2017, we have included consultancy in Digital Transformation in our portfolio of services.

Partner and Co-Facilitator at Gaia Education Brasil 

jan 2020 – presente

Social Work for the Dissemination of Sustainability in Brazil. I work as a content designer, community manager, and co-facilitator.

I am carrying out the International Gaia certification program, composed of the following programs: GEDS in person, ToT, and GEDS on-line, where I have already studied the Social and Economic Dimensions. Composition of themes: U-Theory, Dragon Dreaming, group facilitation, Thinking Environment, and Non-Violent Communication.I participated in an intensive CNV practice group for three months.

Strategic Digital Product Manager at Incredible Products.  

May 2020 - June 2020

I managed the video creation squad,collaborated in the creation of product launch strategies and the creation of content for dissemination.

Head of Produto Digital in OriginalMy Blockchain

June 2019-nov 2019

I worked proposing product implementation and managing the growth squad that is responsible for the development of new features in our digital products:app and website with the logged area. I was also responsible for proposing and approving UI / UX work. With marketing support, I conducted the rebranding of the OriginalMy brand,including a review of the presentation of our offers.

Digital Product Manager Lead on Mutual

dec 2018 – may 2019

I operated as Product Manager responsible for the investor squadI had the role of guiding the Product Owners of each squad and leading the designers of the product chapter that was under my responsibility. I worked in partnership with the CTO developing high value strategies for Mutual's products based on the analysis of its metrics and feedback from our users. I conducted and guided research and tests to validate hypotheses and proposed new features and improvements. I carried out, with the support of Mutual's managers, two training sessions: Agile Culture (Scrum and Kanban) and Branding. e BrandingDuring this period, the CTO and I implemented agile transformation throughout the company, dividing all teams into squads and areas in chapters.

Strategic Digital Product Manager on Squid

mar 2018 – apr 2018

I worked managing Squid's new innovation hub during the pre-launch of their new digital product. I also facilitated Design Thinking workshops with the business and operations areas to obtain new ideas and feedbacks for the product. My work consisted of thinking based on product metrics and insights obtained through workshops on new strategic implementations for the new hub of the Influencer Marketing company.

Community Manager and Product Manager Expert on Tera

feb 2018 – sep 2019

-Support and promotion of Tera's Arrival Meetup in RJ happened in partnership with Vtex
- Promotion of the Tera RJ community
- Support in the production and dissemination of the Product Leardership course March / 2019 - RJ
- Mentor and Jury in the Tera Product Leardership course March / 19 - RJ
- Research Professor in the Product Leardership course March/ 19 - RJ
- Mentor in the Leardership Product Course July / 19 - SP
- Expert in the visit to the Nubank of the class of the Leardership Product course, where the PMs of the companies answered the students' questions July / 19 - SP
- Mentor and Jury in the Leardership Product Course Sep / 19 - SP

Head of Digital Strategy on MJV

oct 2017 – jan 2018

I worked as a digital strategist in the digital department of Bradesco Seguros as a contractor for MJV. I worked organizing the insurer's digital planning for 2018-2019. I also participated in the department's internal planning by defining KPIs for their areas that operated on the Insurer's digital channels such as: e-commerce social networks, portals, and apps to Bradesco. I acted directly with B.I. who provided me datas to monitor the KPI’s of the areas.

Hitsy — D&E Trainings

sep 2014 – aug 2017

- Mentoring in business modeling and jury in the brmalls business Hackathon; (Nov / 2019)

- Material development for internal culture training developed for the brand rebranding; PetroRio

Teacher in the courses: Fluid Identities Sep / 16, Visual Design Apr / 16, Advanced Visual Design Apr / 16, Manifest: Typographic Posters Aug / 15, Manifest: Typographic Posters Jul / 15, Fluid Identities Dec / 14 and Zeitgeist Branding Set / 14

Courses taught

Digital Design Hitsy D&E: Designing excellent systems for Digital Products on Nex Coworking (2017)

Taught in pairs with the designer Marcela Abbade.

Visual Design Hitsy D&E: Designing attractive interfaces for Digital and innovating Products on Templo Co (2016) and on House of Learning Lapa (2016)

Taught in pairs with the designer Marcela Abbade.

Fluid Identities Hitsy D&E: Designing Systems of Id. Visual Flexibility: For Contemporary Brands on Lab 71 (2016)

Taught in pairs with the designer Marcela Abbade.

Zeitgest Branding Hitsy D&E: Planning Contemporary Fashion Brands on Comuna (2015)

Taught in pairs with the Marcela Abbade, participation of Alex Sheeny, and Bárbara Oliveira da Pyramid.

Workshops given

Designing Digital user-centered product

NDesign Curitiba (2017)

Project Management with Agile Methods Hitsy D&E

NDesign Parahyba (2016)

Manifest: Typographic Posters Workshop Hitsy D&E

Casa Nuvem (2015) e NDesign SP (2015)

Branding for Creative Economy Hitsy D&E

NDesign SP (2015)

Branding na Fashion Hitsy D&E

NDesign Goiânia (2014)

Web for Eventos Hitsy D&E

NDesign Goiânia (2014)

Building Icons Hitsy D&E

NDesign Goiânia (2014)


Mentor on StartUp Weekend Women RJ, Nex Coworking (2017)

Mentory on business modeling for GWSbusinesswomen, communication blog with over 25.000 readers, Hitsy (2017).

Invited as an advisor in the areas of branding, self-awareness and design in the first class of Estaleiro Liberdade Rio,, Templo (2015).


More Women in UX

NDesign Curitiba (2017)

How to Design Innovative Digital Products

Woman Techmakers/RJ (2017)

Strategic Planning for Brands of Criative Economy

ASBEA/RJ (2016)

Building Engaged Brands

ESDI (2016)

Presentation of Hitsy’s tragetory

NDesign Parahyba (2016)

Visual Identities for Purpose Brands

Malha (2016)

Branding Archetypes

RDesign Recife (2014)

Creation of the Bonde do Rolê Collaborative Platform.

RDesign Recife (2014)


I mediated Hitsy's Chat about Design Thinking and UX,among the designers Bia Russo, Laura Lessa and Juliana Paolucci, Nex Coworking (2017)

I participated in the Hitsy Chat about Fluid Identities with designer Marcela Abbade and designer Francisco Barcelos, Lab 71 (2016).

I participated in the round table on branding among Hitsy D&E and the Sebastiany Branding office, NDesign Goiânia (2014).


Academic Formation

Master in Economy Experience in Innovation and User Experience: Investigating the use of Design in Innovation @ ESPM

2020 – now

MBA in Strategic People Management: Human Development of Leaders @ FGV Rio

2019 – now

Post-graduation in Positive Psychology @ PUCRS

Sep 2019 – now

Bootcamp Digital Product Leadership & Product Management @ Tera

sep 2018

Design Thinking Training: Project modeling study for complex systems @ Echos Innovation Lab

124h · apr 2016 – dec 2016

Training in Administration and Marketing @ COPPEAD UFRJ

160h Aug 2008 - Mar 2009

Bachelor Degree of Design with specialization in Visual Communication @ PUC-Rio 

2007 – 2011


Economic Dimension (GEDS online))  ·  Gaia Education Brasil  ·  jul 2020

GEDS RJ  ·  Gaia Education Brasil  ·  jun 2020

Social Dimension (GEDS online)  ·  Gaia Education Brasil  ·  may 2020

Training of Trainer (TOT) (with ODSs da ONU)  ·  Gaia Education Brasil  ·  nov 2019

Lean Inception Training  ·  Straight to the point  ·  jan 2019

Scrum Master Training  ·  Quode Project  ·  jul 2018

How to Structure a Business Plan with Business Model Canvas  ·  Quode Project  ·  jul 2018

Neuromarketing ·  8h  ·  ISAE – Bussiness School  ·  2017

Scamper, Product Innovation ·  8h  ·  ISAE – Bussiness School  ·  2017

Sell me This Pen  ·  4h  ·  ISAE – Bussiness School  ·  2017

Farm Branding  ·  16h  ·  Perestroika  ·  2013

Sewing the Senses  ·  111h  ·  Oestudio Sewing  ·  2012

Farm Fashion Business  ·  16h  ·  Perestroika  ·  2012

Exhibition Design  ·  96h  ·  EAV  ·  2011

Point of Sale Design  ·  96h  ·  CCE  ·  2011

Fashion Illustration Intensive  ·  60h  ·  Catarina Gushiken  ·  2011

Branding with Ana Couto  ·  36h  ·  POP  ·  2011

Costume design with Helena Gastal  ·  8h  ·  POP  ·  2011

Study group with Charles Watson  ·  16h  ·  Ateliê  ·  2011

Creative Process with Charles Watson  ·  60h  ·  EAV  ·  2010

Photography Module I and II  ·  60h  ·  Image Studio  ·  2010

Foto de Moda em Externa  ·  14h  ·  Image Studio  ·  2010

Surface Textile  ·  32h  ·  CCE / PUC-Rio  ·  2010

Graphical Journal  ·  15h  ·  Alarcão  ·  2010

Illustration Theory  ·  9h  ·  Alarcão  ·  2010

Fashion Illustration with Felipe Jardim  ·  8h  ·  POP  ·  2010

Book Design  ·  6h  ·  Evelin Grumach  ·  2010

Retail Marketing  ·  30h  ·  FGV on-line  ·  2009

Communication Planning  ·  15h  ·  ESPM Rio  ·  2009

Branding  ·  45h  ·  CCE / PUCRio  ·  2008

Design / Trends Forecasts  ·  36h  ·  CCE / PUCRio  ·  2008

Project management  ·  12h  ·  Cademp/FGV-Rio  ·  2008


Bootcamp online Facilitating co-creation workshops  ·  How Bootcamps  ·  jun 2020

Online Service Design Workshop  ·  Ladies That UX São Paulo  ·  jul 2020

Fashion Marketing and Communication with André Carvalhal  ·  IED Rio  ·  2015

Business Modeling with Herman Bessler  ·  Rio Criativo  ·  2015

Anthropology of Consumption in Mkt 3.0 with Hilaine Yaccoub  ·  Rio Criativo  ·  2015

The Carioca Consumes Different” Collection Creation  ·  Renata Abranches  ·  2012

Building Fashion Brands with André Carvalhal  ·  Macneh  ·  2012

Investigative Styling with Fernando Marques Penteado  ·  Rio Moda Institute  ·  2011

Fashion and Style Illustration with Fernanda Guedes  ·  IdeaFixa  ·  2011

Fashion Photography  ·  Bob Wolfenson  ·  2011

Graphic Design for Fashion with Irene Peixoto  ·  N Design Rio  ·  2011

Collection Creation with Gloria Coelho  ·  São Paulo School  ·  2010

Typographic Posters  ·  Yomar Augusto  ·  2010

Building Brands with Ana Paula de Miranda  ·  Rio Moda Institute  ·  2009

Fashion and Communication with Ellen Alves  ·  Rio Moda Institute  ·  2009

Collection Development with Ronaldo Fraga  ·  Rio Moda Institute  ·  2009

Stamping with Renata Americano  ·  Architecture and Design Week  ·  2009


Strategy Planning

Brand Strategy


Project management

Design Thinking

Graphic Design

Design of Digital Products

Design System

Service Design Facilitation

Art direction

Video direction

Digital Strategy

Online Campaign Management




Adobe Photoshop Advanced

Adobe Illustrator Advanced

Adobe InDesign Advanced

Miro Advanced

PowerPoint Advanced

Excel Basic

Office Advanced

Jira Advanced

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