Hello! My name is Flavia Brêtas. I'm the manager of digital products and UX/UI teams. I also provide consultancy services of digital transformation and innovation using design thinking.

I am from Rio and I have been working for 10 years developing digital products for entrepreneurs who seek for innovation. I have a lot of experience in Design, UX, and Branding. I apply Strategic Planning and Design Thinking to achieve goals and Agile to transform teams and business around me, I always work with a human and positive approach.


Personal Presentation

I graduated in Design with a degree in Visual Communication from PUC-RJ. I have a degree in Marketing from COPPEAD and in Design thinking from Echos/EDT. I took many subjects and courses in Marketing, Strategic Planning, Digital Products, Trend Research, and Branding. I highlight the Bootcamp in Product Learnship from Tera, a school where I was invited to act as a mentor and teacher of product research. Currently, I work as a consultant for digital transformation. I also give training and lectures on Digital Product Management, Product Metrics, Digital Design, UX, Digital Strategy, and the use of Blockchain technology

I have already worked for


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